Your reliable partner since 1923

The family business was founded in December 1923 in Lippstadt, at the time under the name "Elektro-Apparate-Bau GmbH".

The Company was set up to use a patent on the invention of a hard-soldering and brazing device to join band saw blades through resistance heating.

Just a few years later, the electrical band saw and wire soldering devices from "Ideal" were widely distributed and were already being exported to Europe.

After the Second World War, a subsidiary was set up in the neighbouring town of Geseke in which smaller serial machines were produced.

In 1948, following a proposal from the USA, the first butt-welding machine was developed. This was followed by the flash butt-welding machine n the early 1950s.

To meet the increasing production demands, the current premises of the Company in Bunsenstrasse 1 in Lippstadt were bought in 1954 and the first production and office buildings were built.

About ten years later, the Company celebrated the production of the 100,000th machine.

In 1970, Elektro-Apparate-Bau GmbH was converted into a Kommanditgesellchaft (limited partnership). Since then, the Company has been trading under the original brand name "IDEAL".

Since the middle of the 1970s, IDEAL-Werk has continually expanded. We have also continued to develop the product range to be able to expand into international markets.

In 1986 the 200,000th machine, a multi-spot welding machine for car seat frames, was delivered.

The number of staff employed reached the 200 mark for the first time at the beginning of the 1990s.

In 1995, the American subsidiary IDEAL Welding Systems L.P. in Rockford, Illinois was founded in order to be able to supply the North American, Canadian and Mexican markets quickly and efficiently. A team of highly experienced sales and service personal are employed. 

At the end of the 1990s, the first assembly hall was built on the newly acquired Company premises in Hansastrasse 10 in Lippstadt.

In 2006 the IDEAL Welding Systems added a second facility allowing us to demonstrate our equipment, and even offer training on machines.

The site on Hansastrasse was extended by three additional assembly halls in 2008/2009. The total hall space amounts to 7,500 m². The assembly, final inspection, after sales service and a central warehouse are located on the premises.

As part of the expansion, the branch in Geseke was moved to Lippstadt.

The administration department, the technical departments and a central mechanical production with a hall space of 4,700 m² are located at the current location in Bunsenstrasse.

Nowadays IDEAL-Werk has got 230 employees and supplies products to over 90 countries worldwide. The ISO Standard 9001:2008 commits the Company to work consistently to ensure a high standard of quality.

Many years of experience and the close cooperation with customers and suppliers has made IDEAL a reliable partner to the industry. Today, the product range includes not only butt-welding machines and flash butt-welding machines for band saws, wires, cables, tubes, profiles etc., but also wire mesh welding machines, production lines for different applications, special solutions as well as strip joining machines for resistance, arc and laser welding.