Industry 4.0 serves as a solution for networking machines.

IDEAL 4.0 – The solution for networking machines

Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine life without digitalization. Due to the constantly growing technologies, product and production are in digital dialog. Providing, receiving and responding to digital data – This is Industry 4.0, which is eligible for funding in the EU.

Maximum flexibility

IDEAL-Werk sees digitalization as an opportunity and develops innovative processes, products and services. Thanks to many sensors, a wide variety of process data, such as welding depth, welding time and piece counts, can be received and output. IDEAL 4.0 creates an overall optimization of the energy system in line with production requirements by controlling energy and quality data.

Connectivity – Industrial communication

The precondition for IDEAL 4.0 is a standardized communication and interface. Data selection and storage takes place in a database that is OPC-UA compatible. Data can be released for third-party access and machine tasks can be integrated to respond to external events as well.
Another feature is monitoring. Thanks to this, data can be accessed via web server on cell phones and panels. Both an MIS system and predictive maintenance are on the agenda to provide further solutions for networking machines.