Optimum welding solutions for
the automotive sector

Welding solutions
for automotive customers

For many years, we have been an accepted partner of the automotive supplier industry.

Our customers in the automotive sector are national and international companies.
We offer them automated welding machines and robot solutions based on resistance welding technology.

Programmable NC-controlled multi-spot or projection welding machines are available to produce a wide range of joints.

Typical automotive applications for our resistance welding machines are:

  • Rims for motorcycles, cars and utility vehicles
  • Starter rings
  • Stabiliser bars
  • Nut and bolt welds
  • Reinforcement profiles on doors or chassis
  • Seat frames produced from sheet metal, tube or wire
  • Lumbar supports
  • Aluminium frames for sunroofs

Furthermore, we also design special solutions, such as a production line for particulate filters, for our automotive customers.

On all machine types, the compact and robust machine design with intuitive operator guidance is oriented towards industrial usage in production.

When designing the machines, the operator was the main focus. For this reason, particular emphasis was placed on easy and ergonomic operation.

Used around the world, IDEAL welding machines have been proving their quality and reliability on a day-to-day basis and have been doing so for decades.

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Some application examples:

A wide range of products in the automotive sector can be processed on the resistance welding machines.

Get to know our solutions:

Flash butt welding machines
of type AS for welding rims


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IDEAL is a pioneer in the design and development of flash butt welding machines. Flash butt welding machines of type AS are used in the automotive sector in particular for the economical welding of rims, rings and starter rings.

They are characterised by high welding quality and strength, short welding times and high reproducibility of the welding parameters.

With the use of the most diverse, practically oriented options, the modular constructionof the machine enables the individual implementation of the customer and therefore product-specific requirements..


The technical details
Max. upsetting force [kN] 15 - 500
Nominal transformer power (alternative) [kVA] 30 - 1,200
Weight of basic machine [kg] 1,200 - 22,000
Welding cross-section, unalloyed steel [mm²] 15 - 10,000
Welding cross-section, alloyed steel [mm²] 15 - 8,000
Welding cross-section, stainless steel [mm²] 15 - 4,000
Welding cross-section, aluminium [mm²] 15 - 2,500
Width dimensions [cm] 150 - 400
Height dimensions [cm] 170 - 280
Depth dimensions [cm] 120 - 250
The technology of the flash butt welding machines

Flash butt welding is utilised in a wide range of applications in the automotive sector due to its productivity and reliability in the attainment of a robust and consistent welding result.

With this resistance welding process, the energy is transferred to the parts to be joined in particular through resistance heat.

The workpieces are positioned opposite each other. The flash butt welding process is broken down into preheating, flashing and upsetting.

Preheating takes place under low welding pressure.  By allowing a large amount of current to flow through, concentrated heat is generated at the contact point between the two surfaces lying against each other. The effect of this heat melts and splashes the metal at the contact point. When the welded joint has been heated up to a certain temperature, the flashing begins and the surface material is burned off. This leads to an even and clean connection surface. The melting loss consists of molten and oxidised material. After flashing off, upsetting begins and the two surfaces are pressed together with high force to create a faultless joint.

The upsetting causes a thin, brittle welding burr. Its size is dependent on the respective cross-section. The burr can be easily removed by grinding, milling or similar processes. Deburring in the welding machine is particularly efficient. Plane deburring machines and shear deburring devices are used for this purpose. The deburring takes place after an adjustable cooling time, whilst still red-hot. The deburring process is automatic and takes just 1 - 4 seconds depending on the length of the seam to be deburred.

Components of the machine
  • Machine housing as a welded steel structure
  • Drive for welding carriages
  • 2 welding transformers, water-cooled
  • Hydraulic unit with oil tank and valve linking
  • Hydraulic clamping device
  • PLC controller in a separate control cabinet

Resistance welding machine type VPS
for ball stud and pin

The ball stud welding machine from the machine series type VPS is an automatic machine for welding ball studs. These welding machines are used to weld balls onto the end faces of studs fully automatically.

The automatic filling of the bins with balls and studs enables many hours of unattended production. Counting the finished products takes place fully automatically in the containers provided.

The medium frequency welding and monitoring system delivers a stable process with low fluctuations and very high precision.

The geometry of the welded ball studs is checked by a camera system, the data is evaluated and stored on a continuous basis, and faulty products are separated.

The annealing process after welding guarantees the maximum in fatigue strength and operational stability.

The cooling section establishes the best preconditions for optimally joining the welds, ideal for the requirements of the automotive sector.

The VPS machine series with an extensive range of machine types has been used for many decades in a wide variety of companies and industries, so we are able to draw on a wealth of experience. This means we can offer you the best possible solution for your needs and deliver the right tool for your end product with the best quality.

Special production line solution for particulate filters

Working together with our customer’s product development department, we developed the production line for particulate filters as an individually tailored solution.

It was necessary to pay particular attention to the extremely high requirements for product quality, the reproducibility of the product characteristics and the detection of primary material and production defects.

We would be delighted to assist you with the production-oriented product development.

The technical values
Filter material / day 12,500 m
Coils / day 70
Product weight / day 2,500 kg
Current consumption / day 5,000 KW
Switching operations / day 20,000,000
The technology of the production line

- Search units for errors smaller than 0.1 mm

- Linear motors

- Robots

- Welding units with 1 MW power

Configuration – system components

- Decoiling systems with levellers

- Surface control systems

- Marking units

- Stamping technology with servo-hydraulics

- Circulating storage unit

- Welding technology with 3-phase direct current with current monitoring

- Rotating full bending units

- Discharge stations with defective part identification

JIG resistance welding machines of
type CSR 102 Versaweld™

Due to their enormous flexibility, the machines of the type  CSR 102 Versaweld™ can be utilised in a multitude of applications. The modular construction with the most diverse options permits the individual adaptation to product-specific product and production requirements. With the CSR 102 Versaweld™  you will manufacture three-dimensional products with a product height of up to 400 mm in a highly efficient manner.

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We want to meet your expectations even after the purchase so you become a long-standing, satisfied IDEAL partner.

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