Type AS coil welding machines

IDEAL-Werk flash butt welding machines for heavy industry and shipbuilding.

Flash butt welding results in a very high strength of the joint. Hence IDEAL-Werk flash butt welding machines are also used in heavy industry and shipbuilding. As is the case with the IDEAL AS0 220 B.

Flash butt welding is usually divided into three operations:

  • preheating
  • burn-off
  • upsetting.

The temperature of the workpiece ends to be welded increases with the duration of the burn-off process. Once the welding temperature is reached, the workpiece ends are pressed together under high pressure by the upsetting cylinder and welded.

A particular advantage is that no smooth butt surface is required for flash butt welding. In addition, the machine claims short welding times, low demands on the preparation of the material to be welded, and high reproductibility of the welding parameters.

A few examples of where welds with the highest strength are of utmost importance:

  • ferries
  • yachts
  • cruise
  • cargo ships
  • heavy industry
  • foundries
  • steel or strip and rolling mills


Welding in heavy industry and shipbuilding – IDEAL AS0 220