Laser precision seams– Type LAS coil welding machines

The precise laser transverse seam coil joining machines for flat, high-grade weld seams with coil to coil joints in various material combinations and with different coil dimensions

Type LAS coil welding machines

IDEAL laser transverse seam coil welding machines are in widespread use in the steel coil industry, because they meet and comply with the highest requirements in regard to the weld seam quality. Leading steel coil manufacturers rely on the IDEAL model line LAS 200 through 500 coil welding machines in order to optimally cut coils in a single operation and to join them without an overhang of the weld seam. The different types of the LAS line meet all requirements of the steel processing industry and are used at various locations – from the inspection line to the roll train. IDEAL is always your partner for secure, efficient coil joints.


Process steel coils from coil to coil in various dimensions with the type range LAS

  • Coils with different widths and thicknesses
  • Coil joints from the same or different materials
  • Processing materials with high strength

  • Joining coils with high silicon content

  • Welding of coated materials


Down to the smallest detail: The different types of the LAS model line laser coil welding machines.


Taking a closer look at the details of the type LAS coil welding machines is worth your while. Here you can see the technical details, the typical functional ranges and more detailed information on the technology behind the laser welding machines. You will learn why IDEAL utilises modular mechanical engineering in order to fulfil your requirements and expectations.

Coil width 1.600 to 2.200 mm
Coil thickness 0,4 to 6,5 mm
Laser output 2.000 to 8.000 Watt
IDEAL laser coil welding machines are used by leading manufacturers for the welding of coils of various dimensions and materials.

During laser beam welding, the required energy for the joining of materials in the weld zone is applied via the laser radiation. Laser welding is especially suited where coils are joined with a high welding speed, a narrow and lean weld seam shape and a low thermal distortion. The advantages of the procedure are the high utilisation factor of the energy applied to the workpiece and its excellent temporal and local control possibilities. Interfering influences such as distortion, crack formation or embrittlement in the vicinity of the weld seam can be minimised with the utilisation of laser beam welding.

Extensive experience in the design of coil welding systems, a close, cooperative collaboration with our customers, the cooperation with technical universities and research institutes as well as an instinct for technology trends form the foundation of our high innovative strength. The basis of our development work lies in the continuous further development of our well proven machines with a focus on the best customer benefit and maximum efficiency. We offer our customers different, modularly constructed model lines of welding machines, which join coils of a wide range of types. In the course of this – to your benefit – particular attention is paid to the versatility and flexibility of the machines.

The optional modules for the type LAS coil welding machines

IDEAL offers a multitude of supplemental modules for the various laser transverse seam coil welding machines LAS 200, 300 and 500, in order to make your machine modularly more efficient and incorporate it optimally in your production.

  • Alignment of sheet metall web by diver units
  • Punch units, with a laser or mechanical
  • Edge trimmers, with a laser or mechanical
  • Smoothening devices
  • Annealing devices

  • Sling tables

  • Driver units
  • Weld seam inspection