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IDEAL LS series conductor welding machines are specially designed for the effective joining of conductors and cables as well as sector-shaped and solid conductors of aluminium and copper using the chamber welding process. This creates a homogeneous, pore- and burr-free joint.

With this procedure, the cable or conductor ends are placed in a glass, ceramic or graphite sleeve (chamber) so that the ends touch. The welding sleeve material here depends on either the cable/conductor cross-section or, as may apply, welding machine output. Once the welding process has started, both ends are melted by a flowing current and welded together under a constant feed rate.

The sleeve is shattered once welding has finished. The surface of the weld is without burring, clean, smooth and hardly any thicker.
To allow the weld to be drawn into the inlet nozzle of a downstream extruder, only minor post-treatment is required.

The chamber welding procedure is suitable for both regular conductor structures and also delicate cables.

Emphasis was on the operator when designing the LS series conductor welding machines, with simple, ergonomic operation in mind.

The compact and robust design of the machine with its intuitive operation is aimed not only at industrial use in wood- and metal-processing operations, but also in mobile repairs.

Used around the world, IDEAL LS series conductor welding machines have been proving their quality and reliability on a day-to-day basis … and have been doing so for decades.

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The benefits of our welding machines for
cables, conductors and aluminium or copper sector-shaped and bulk cables

  • Machine housings of a robust design for durability in a challenging production environment
  • The layout of electrical components as well as operator/adjustment elements and switches protected from dirt and damage
  • Clamping device attached to the housing with high clamping force in a clear and ergonomic manner
  • Uniform, high degree of distribution of pressure without the part slipping during the welding process by means of adjustable manual, pneumatic or hydraulic clamping devices (varies according to machine type)
  • Perfectly aligned welds by using highly accurate, wear-free, smooth and linear guides
  • Quick-change electrodes with shaped grooves for short fitting times
  • Separately adjustable upset force, current path and jaw gap for optimum welding results
  • Upset welding by means of an either mechanically or pneumatically pre-tensed spring system for exactly the same welding results (varies according to machine type)
  • Automatic control of the welding process for precisely repeatable welding results
  • Precise multi-stage adjustment of the welding voltage for optimum process parameters

The LSH + LSF types

The IDEAL LSH and LSF type welding machines on the whole differ due to the operation of the clamping device either by hand (LSH) or with the foot (LSF). While the LSH series features a more compact construction, the LSF series provides better handling with the foot pedal (LSF). The operator can use both hands for the handling of the conductor ends and the sleeve. Both IDEAL machines will achieve the same high-grade welding results. The heavy duty LS0 series is solely equipped with a foot control for both the opening and closing of the welding jaws as well as the starting of the welding process.

All machines are equipped with an undercarriage as standard (optional for the types LSH 004 through LSH 016).

Depending on the machine size, IDEAL conductor welding machines of the LS series can be equipped with working tables and undercarriages as well as cable sheers and circular saws.

Welding results

LS welded conductors
LS welded conductors