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Coupling rod multi-spot welding machine

The IDEAL VPS 1052 type welding machine for the automotive industry welds stabilizer links for passenger vehicle suspensions

As part of the stabiliser, the coupling rods (stabilizer links) are an integral part of the passenger vehicle undercarriage. They connect the stabilizer with the front and/or rear axle undercarriage. The task of stabilizers is clear: Maintain a vehicle’s grip while driving around corners. This improves the vehicle’s position on the road – which is what everyone wants!

As the connecting element between the stabilizer and the suspension, coupling rods ensure clean, reliable power transmission and are subjected to different forces during their operation. Welding such coupling rods for the automotive industry and creating a secure connection between the stabilizer and the chassis – all made possible with the programmable, NC-controlled VPS 1052 multi-spot welding machine.

How does it work?

The automatic filling of rings and bars enables unattended production for several hours. The IDEAL type VPS 1052 counts automatically and works very precisely thanks to the integrated medium-frequency welding and monitoring system. Non-conforming products are automatically sorted out. Experience the VPS 1052 live. Contact us – together we will find the IDEAL machine for your individual requirements!

Technical data VPS 1052
Material qualities EN 10025: 5235-5355
(DIN: 17100 St 37, St 52)
High-strength, high-alloyed or carbon steel
Steels for the automotive industry, others available upon request
Eye diameter 20 – 40 mm
Max. component length
including eye
30 – 500 mm
(before welding)
Pendelstützen Automobil Schweißanlage
handling pick and place automat Ideal-Werk VPS 1052

IDEAL VPS 1502 video

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