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VPS 589 R multi-spot welding machine

Resistance welding machine for fully automatic welding of edge bars to gratings

Programmable, NC-controlled multi-spot welding machines are an integral part of the IDEAL machine portfolio. This also applies to the VPS 589 R for fully automatic welding of edge bars to gratings. The alternating current welding and monitoring system ensures a stable process resulting in low fluctuations and high precision. The position of the gratings to be welded is checked by a camera system, and the data is continuously evaluated and stored. Faulty products are automatically sorted out. Unattended production is possible. Precise feeding, positioning, unloading and setting down of the finished gratings is performed by a robot. Different pack sizes and grating sizes can be easily processed with the VPS 589 R. The IDEAL multi-point machine VPS is flexible and can be used according to different customer requirements.

Technical Data VPS 589 R
End product grating
Material length 300 mm – 2.500 mm
Material width 300 mm – 1.600 mm

Video IDEAL VPS 589 R

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