Type CSR jig welding machines

For the flexible production and combination of different wire and sheet metal products.

Intelligent machine design combined with ergonomics and user-friendliness the CSR  jig welding machines combine maximum flexibility with minimized downtimes thanks to modularity and intelligent smart jig design.

The combination of different machine modules into a single system enables a complete product manufacturing in one operation. The possibilities of integrating “pick and place” as well as stud welding systems make this machine unique.

CSR 102 als vollautomatische Lösung zur „Linienintegration“

CSR 102 als „Stand Alone“-Lösung mit manuellem Drehtisch


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Process all product variants and material combinations

  • Shelving systems in wire and sheet metal construction
  • Baskets and drawer systems up to a height of 400 mm

  • Three-dimensional applications such as fan protective grating and kitchen corner cupboards

  • Shopping trolleys and shop construction

  • White goods and various material combinations (wire, sheet metal, flat bar, etc.)

  • Reinforcement profiles for the stiffening of sheet metal panels
  • Sheet metal cabinets for changing rooms or tools
  • Switch cabinets and server racks
  • Weld studs/weld nuts for the installation of mounted parts
  • Car body parts
  • Sieves for agricultural machinery/combine harvesters

Advantages in order to make your production and processing faster and more affordable

  • Highest degree of flexibility due to the modular design

  • Perfect welding results by means of the 1,000 Hz medium frequency technology
  • Angled applications by means of programmable rotating electrode (continuously rotatable from 0° to 360°)

  • Vertical applications with freely programmable welding tongs (continuously rotatable from 0° to 360°)
  • Innovative solutions for any task, such as the quick procedure with the newly developed NC servo cylinder
  • Product heights of up to 400 mm
  • 9 servo motor axes for a maximum degree of precision and speed
  • Optimised setup and standstill times in combination with the tool changer
  • Combination of different materials by means of a tool changer with up to 8 different tools

An overview of the CSR  jig welding machine

The CSR 102 Versaweld™ jig welding machines are characterised by their versatile application possibilities and their easy handling. Products made of wire and/or sheet metal are inserted in jigs on the manually operated rotary table. While the products are fabricated on one side of the jig table, the operator loads or unloads the other side; this enables an optimal utilisation of the machine and minimises standstill times. Both table sides can be programmed independently from each other. Product changes and new set-ups are possible within the shortest time due to the intuitive programming method as well as the use of corresponding jigs.

IDEAL offers a wide selection of different table variants and loading devices. The shape and dimensions of the product mountings can be adapted individually to the requirement. With the use of NC-controlled axes, the machine can be programmed and controlled in X, Y and Z direction with an accuracy of tenths. In this manner, a maximum degree of precision and the best possible welding results are achieved.

The requirements of our customers as well as the market – in connection with continuous new and further development – form the basis for the accessories of our jig welding machines. Our machines are the embodiment of modular construction and can be adapted to your specific requirements with corresponding practice-oriented and proven accessories. With our wide range of accessories, you can adapt your jig welding machine individually to the respective fabrication process – also in future.

The various accessory elements can also be retrofitted at a later stage, giving the certainty that the welding machine will be equipped for future tasks. You will achieve investment security and the ability to respond to your market requirements in a flexible manner with the expansion or conversion of your system. In addition to traditional software updates, we also offer an upgrade of the switch cabinet components and electronics components.

Ideal Werk CSR 102 Dimensions usable space

CSR 102

CSR 105

The IDEAL CSR models in comparison

CSR 102Traverse path NC axesCSR 105
2,000 mm,
(3,000 mm)
Product width, X-axis
2,000 mm,
(3,000 mm)
1,200 mmProduct depth, Y-Achse1,500 mm
200 mm,
(400 mm)
Product height at top, Z1-axis
400 mm
200 mmAdjustment stroke bottom, Z2-axis200 mm
CSR 102Welding technology standardCSR 105
Single-phase direct currentWelding technology 50 Hz (direct current)Single-phase direct current
100 kVAWelding performance (50% ED)100 kVA
20 kAWelding current20 kA
20 kAWelding current control20 kA
CSR 102Welding technology optionalCSR 105
Medium frequencyWelding technology 1000 Hz (direct current)Medium frequency
238 kVAWelding performance (50% ED)238 kVA
30 kAWelding current30 kA
Constant current control KSR
CSR 102Welding cylinders (in pairs)CSR 105
3,5 kN - 5 kN
(10 kN)
Welding force per cylinder, adjustable
3,5 kN - 5 kN
(10 kN)
40 mmPneumatic stroke40 mm
Bar, pointElectrode shapeBar, point
70 mmWidth 70 mm
CSR 102Rotary tableCSR 105
2,000 mm x 1,200 mm
(3,000 mm x 1,200 mm)
Working surface per table side
2,000 mm x 1,500 mm
(3,000 mm x 1,500 mm)
60 kg
(110 kg)
Load max. per table side
110 kg
CSR 102Tools optionalCSR 105
YesNC-Schweißvorrichtung mit DrehkopfYes
YesNC welding tongsYes
YesStud welding Yes
YesIndirect welding Yes
YesTool changer Yes
YesOversize concept rotary tableYes
No (Yes)4-fold block arrangement No (Yes)
Special solutions / applications available on request
Vertical carousel jig system
Robot integration
Line integration
Component feed (pick and place)
Duplex system

Special solutions: Individual machine solutions for your specific requirements

Based on the proven machine concept CSR 102 Versaweld™, we facilitate special solutions – for the individual adaptation to the needs and requirements of our customers. Due to our knowledge, comprehensive solutions and production lines are also realised in an economical manner in the various dimensions.

Our competent team of engineers, design engineers and technicians will be happy to provide help and advice for the realisation of your project. The requirements are determined and planned in close cooperation with our customers. In the course of more than 90 years, we have acquired extensive knowledge in the field of welding technology and we have developed and constructed a corresponding large number of special machines.

The special solutions : Customized jig welding machines