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flash butt welding machines
of the BAS 300 series

The BAS 300 series flash butt welding machines for the production of band saws and coils at maximum speed owing to fast product changes and reduced maintenance times.

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At the second location in Lippstadt, the machines are assembled in the assembly halls, the hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical systems are installed and subsequently the functional testing is performed. The test run with customer material is also carried out here in order to prepare the final inspection and training of the customer personnel in an optimal manner.
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Type BAS 300 flash butt welding machines

The IDEAL BAS series is the result of more than 90 years of design and construction experience in the field of band saw joints.

It is impressive in particular due to its high speed, short set-up times and fast product changes.

Systematic research and development, highly qualified personnel and continuous collaboration with our customers have made us one of the world’s leading suppliers of flash butt welding machines for band saws.

During the designing of the BAS 300, the worker was the main focus. For this reason, particular emphasis was placed on easy and ergonomic operation.

On all machine types, the compact and robust machine design with intuitive operation is oriented towards industrial usage in production.

Used around the world, IDEAL flash butt welding machines have been proving their quality and reliability on a day-to-day basis and have been doing so for decades.


Advantages of the flash butt welding machine BAS 300

  • Automatic setting of the welding and annealing parameters using the simple touchscreen input
  • Accurate repeatable welding as a result of the program-controlled welding and annealing process
  • Storage of up to 100 programs with all welding and annealing parameters
  • Integrated spark protection to increase the occupational safety and the health protection
  • Control and monitoring of all parameters with the program control for the highest product quality
  • Infrared spectral pyrometer for contactless temperature measurement during the annealing process for optimal weld seams
  • Illumination of the welding point with LED ligthing
  • Protection of the pneumatic and hydraulic components with the separate assembly in the housing
  • Minimisation of the set-up time by means of the quick and easy changing of the set-up of the electrodes to other band dimensions

Down to the smallest detail:
The flash butt welding machine BAS 300

A look at the details of the BAS 300 is worthwhile.
Here you can see the technical details, the typical functional ranges and more detailed information on the technology behind the flash butt welding machines.
You will learn why IDEAL utilises modular machine construction in order to fulfil your requirements and expectations.

The technical details

Wood band saws3 - 215 mm
Metal band saws (bi-metal, tungsten)6 - 105 mm
Stainless steel band saws6 - 80 mm
Band knives, e.g. for leather or foam6 - 120 mm
S235JR (St37-2) band steel100 - 360 mm
Stainless steel bands50 - 180 mm


Quite classic – flash butt welding machines are used here

IDEAL band saw welding machines are used by leading manufacturers of band saws and coils.
They are used to join wood, metal and stainless steel saws and coils.

Technology of the flash butt welding machine

The flash butt welding technology is used for band saw welding machines.
With this welding method, there is only selective contact between the band saw parts during the heating phase.
The high current density liquefies the material, and the components partly flash at the welding point.
In order to maintain contact, the machine works with the feed movement of an electrode, including a band saw part. When the temperature is reached, it compresses the components.

A burr is formed at the compression point, which is removed in the next step.

Modular design – meets your requirements

Extensive experience with flash butt welding technology and a close collaboration with our customers, the cooperation with technical universities and research institutes as well as an instinct for technology trends form the foundation of our great innovative strength.

The basis of our development work lies in the further development of our proven standard machines and in the new development of tailor-made, individual special solutions. Modular machine construction allows additions to be made specifically for your requirements.

Optional modules for the type BAS 300 butt welding machine

For the BAS series, IDEAL offer a multitude of supplemental modules in order to make your machine modularly more efficient and incorporate it optimally in your production.

  • Hydraulic deburring tool
  • Pneumatic insertion device
  • Centring device for coil ends
  • Special clamping device for holding and aligning band knives
AHE 060 für Bandsägen und Stahlbänder bis 60 x 1,0 mm
AHE 250 für Bandsägen bis 250 x 1,65 mm und Stahlbänder bis 250 x 3,0 mm

Accessories for the pre- and post-processing of strips for all machine types

You can add to and expand your strip grinding machine with different components to suit your needs.

These include various designs of strip shears and grinding machines that can be added directly to the machines for the further processing of the welded strips and band saws.


IDEAL APE strip shears for the burr-free and right-angled cutting of strips as the first step for a high-quality strip join


Grinding machines

IDEAL-SMH or, as may apply, SMP grinding machines for machining the weld of strips with a width of up to 320 mm


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