All-round service that you can rely on!

After successful commissioning, we offer comprehensive service and support you over the entire life cycle of your IDEAL machine.

In case of repair needs or disruptions, a fault diagnosis is possible without complications by way of our teleservice.

Service needs cannot always be foreseen, so the service must be reliable, fast and flexible.

Our highly qualified specialists are trained for international deployment – allowing for support at your location - wherever you may be.

It is our goal to meet your expectations – even after the purchase.

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To speed things up:

Do you have the 6-digit IDEAL machine number at hand?

We are your contact persons

Spare parts:

Sandra Osthues
+49 2941 206 486


Customer service (maintenance and repair):

Winfried Schulte
+49 2941 206 446



30,000 ways to help you


We help you quickly and without complications in the selection and ordering of spare parts.

When you need assistance, you need it quickly. Thanks to a cutting-edge spare parts management, our extensive spare parts warehouse with around 30,000 parts allows for short response times and excellent spare parts supply.

You don’t have to wait and you can go on with production.

Full performance capacity and durability of your IDEAL machine is ensured.

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