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Augmented Reality – interactive service manual

The IDEAL assistance system leads you by the virtual hand.

Augmented Reality has been introduced not only to football coverage but also in IDEAL. We are introducing Augmented Reality to the world of LBS, mesh welding machines and others. AR gives us the ultimate tool for minimising downtime, reducing costs, making more effective use of service technicians and keeping the operating manual constantly up to date in terms of quality. These are benefits not only for us but also for you.

Displaying Augmented Reality

  • on a tablet, smartphone or data glasses

Areas of application of Augmented Reality

by selected tracking variant

  • Instruction and training

  • Presentation/simulation

  • Commissioning

  • Installation activities

  • Complex service activities

If you would like to take your service to the next level, speak to us. Your contact person is available to you via email and telephone.


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Who should I contact about the service?
What is required to use the service?

The machine must have been completely designed in a 3D programme in advance, as augmented reality relies on the 3D model of the entire machine. In addition, detailed operating or service instructions should be available for the machine – the basis of animated service activities.

What is augmented reality?

With our augmented reality service (AR service) we build a bridge between the digital and the real world. Information about parts, components or complete machines is projected in real terms.

What costs are involved if I wish to use the service?

As it depends on the machine type and the relevant activities, a detailed quotation is prepared for each customer.

What are the advantages of augmented reality?

An ability to act quickly reduces response times drastically in the event of machine defects. Expensive travel times and service on site are not necessary. Paper documents are no longer required. In addition, the documentation can be kept language-free, which saves on extra translation costs.

How does the AR service work?

The AR service includes marker tracking on the one hand, in which, for example, operating instructions are scanned using a tablet and projected on to a 3D machine model on a desk or in a space. Marker tracking is an effective tool especially in training sessions and presentations, as a 3D animation is more expressive than a drawing or a photo.
On the other hand, the AR service includes the ultimate technique – object tracking. This is where the actual machine is identified or tracked, as the technical jargon says, with the tablet. The service technician can have the required service activity (repair, maintenance) displayed as a detailed animation and then deal with the machine manually himself. It is the ultimate tool for service and technical documentation.

How does an augmented reality session proceed?

Augmented reality is not a session but a programme that shows detailed activity in the form of a 3D animation, e.g. on a tablet.

How can I use the augmented reality service?

If you are interested, please send an enquiry with the following information to AMB-OR.

  • Machine type
  • Machine no.
  • Which activities should be described

Our contact agent will then discuss the remaining points with you in detail.

Can augmented reality be carried out on any Ideal machine?

Yes. If these requirements are met, augmented reality service instructions can be created for any machine.

Your contact person

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