In-house repair

In-house repair of standard machines

The inexpensive way to help you

Regular  maintenance and inspections can be routinely carried out by the IDEAL servicing staff. However, should a repair be necessary, we will provide you with a fast and reliable repair service. Our service technician would of course be happy to visit you.

However, it is easier and less expensive if you send your machine to us in Lippstadt. Your machine will be repaired by our technicians in our facility. Our own devices, tools and parts are immediately available and your machine will be back in operation quickly.

Maintenance in the IDEAL factory

  • 30,000 parts in store

  • Rapid spare parts delivery

  • Expert advice



Who should I contact about the service?
What are the costs involved for the repair service?

The cost of the Ideal service depends on the machines to be repaired. You are welcome to notify us in advance and send a machine to us for repair.

What are the advantages of this service?

With regular maintenance and/or repairs, consistent welding quality can be ensured following an Ideal in-house service of this kind.

Is the service linked to a maintenance contract?

No, repairs are not linked to a maintenance contract. However, we at the Ideal service team recommend regular machine maintenance so that repairs can be avoided.

For which machine models is the in-house repair service relevant?

Due to the size of our machines, our in-house repair service is used especially for smaller series machines. However, we can also repair more complex machines – for more information please contact:

Can I use the service worldwide?

We carry out in-house repairs at our company headquarters in Lippstadt. We also offer this service at our representatives in certain countries around the world.

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