IDEAL Webcast – Live from Lippstadt

Have you ever experienced any mesh welding machine with 200 strokes per minute? Are you familiar with the new tools of IDEAL that help you reducing downtimes at your company significantly?

Watch the IDEAL Live Show recap!

WIRE 2020 isn’t postponed!

It took place on March 31st 2020 at IDEAL. Livestream from Lippstadt.

We presented our innovative ideas – you will profit from the additional advantages.

The IDEAL-experts Axel Pawlas, Oliver Decker, Winfried Schulte und Olaf Rittgeroth explained all the details, advantages of our machines and their applications.

In addition to our fastest mesh welding machine, the GAM 816 – we presented “ASSISTED REALITY by IDEAL” – a new way supporting your team on site. It can even replace an IDEAL-technician on site and finally you yourself can become an expert for repairs of IDEAL-machines.

You will be excited to see how we will revolutionise machine maintenance and services by means of “AUGMENTED REALITY by IDEAL”.

We demonstrated the total bandwidth of IDEAL – from a simple DST 120 up to the fastest grid welding machine GAM 816. All from one source – “One-Stop-Shopping”

The fastest welding machine in slow motion.