Optimal solution for the automated processing of sheet metal products

Sheet Metal Products

A uniform and consistent quality level is critical during the production of sheet metal components.

Our NC jig welding machine type CSR has been optimised for the automated sheet metal and wire processing and can perform diverse welding and handling tasks in a set-up.
Due to its modular design, the CSR can be effortlessly equipped for project-related welding tasks or expanded for future tasks. From sheet metal connections and stud welding up to the use of highly complex components with “pick and place” tools, the CSR is always the right solution. Flexibility is the key factor, as a result of which the CSR can be used as a traditional single workstation, as a fully automated system in an assembly line or as an operatorless machining cell.

Welding results

Coil joining machines type AS

Flash butt welding machine for the coil / sheet metal industry

Flash butt welding achieves an extremely high level of strength in the connection. This is why the flash butt welding machines from IDEAL-Werk are used in the coil / sheet metal industry. So does the IDEAL AS0 220 B.