Remote Maintenance

Digital remote maintenance

The direct line to the IDEAL expert.

We recommend digital remote maintenance to our customers so that IDEAL can provide support by means of remote access in the event of a fault. The use of a router with a PLC interface and a CLOUD service is indispensable to permit the IDEAL service technician to connect to the machine. In this manner, expensive service visits can often be avoided.

Benefits of digital remote maintenance

  • Service regardless of location

  • Established, robust systems

  • Quick response to faults

  • Experts at the helpdesk



Who should I contact about the service?
What is required to use the remote maintenance service?

All you need is Internet access to your machine as well as an Ideal router to establish the connection.

What is digital remote maintenance?

Ideal’s digital remote maintenance service enables the service technician to access your machine’s programme externally. This means we can analyse and eliminate possible errors directly together with your machine operator.

What costs are involved if I wish to use the service?

The cost is based on the effort and personnel involved (technician or engineer) – between €90.00 and €145.00 per hour.

What are the advantages of digital remote maintenance?

Rapid response times are a major advantage of digital remote maintenance. The Ideal service technician can access the programme directly and detect possible programme errors as well as carry out an error analysis.

Is remote maintenance available 24/7?

This service is generally available during Ideal Werk business hours. But also at any other times by agreement.

Can I use the service worldwide?

This service can be used worldwide.

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