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Our service packages – “Keep it IDEAL”

The individual and IDEAL concept for every customer and every machine!

All-round service you can rely on- Qualified knowledge transfer, sustainable support and the guarantee of stable, low-maintenance production are the focus of IDEAL customer service. Professional and regular maintenance of machines minimizes unscheduled and cost-intensive downtimes and ensures production capability. This also reduces repair and maintenance costs to a necessary minimum.

You can also benefit from our customized service packages and ensure productivity as well as time and cost savings by identifying maintenance requirements at an early stage.
All this at discounted prices and with full cost control.

Your advantages at a glance

  • High planning reliability

  • Improve and ensure productivity

  • State-of-the-art safety for machines and plants

  • Less (unplanned) downtime (to minimum)

  • Condition analysis

  • Optimized operation of machines and plants

  • Recommendation for action

  • Time and cost savings through early identification of maintenance needs

  • OEM spare parts

  • Plannable calculation

  • Reliability

  • Maintenance strategy

Find your IDEAL package

Service Package Basic

The essential service package for every company: The Service Package Basic includes remote maintenance and telephone support with improved response time, as well as 3% discount on spare parts determined by the incident. This saves time and money and minimizes unplanned downtime.

Service Package Comfort

The service package Comfort is a package that relieves you with our Augmented Reality Support, guarantees you an improved response time and at the same time extends the service life of your machine. Remote maintenance, telephone and augmented reality support maximize the uptime and service life of the machine.

Advanced service package

In addition to remote maintenance, telephone and augmented reality support, our Advanced service package guarantees you a maintenance contract with a discounted machine flat rate, as well as an additional discount on spare parts determined by the maintenance. You receive a functional guarantee for your machine that includes all services and spare parts required for safe and reliable operation.


Our employees in the spare parts service are available from Monday to Friday between 06:30-15:30.

Do you have any questions? Then please contact us!

  • Winfried Schulte
  • +49 2941 206 446

Answers to frequently asked questions

Who should I contact about the service?
What is the Ideal assisted reality service?

With our assisted reality service, we can get to you and your Ideal welding machine very quickly with the aid of an audiovisual connection. Error message? Technical questions? Defective machine? Ideal Werk also helps you with audiovisual support via a phone, Internet or video call.

Rapid support with our audiovisual service is simple:

As a customer, you contact the service, and arrange an appointment on the phone or a video call. You call our service technician on the designated date by phone, smartphone or tablet and your support can begin.

Multifunctional glasses provide the technician on site with additional support. The glasses are equipped with a camera, a microphone and a monitor to make the technical support via video call even better. By using the glasses, the technician has the option of using both his hands. Nonetheless, Ideal’s service can precisely track and describe all the steps.

What is required to use the service?

You need a smart end device as well as Internet access.

What costs are involved if I wish to use the service?

You can use Ideal’s assisted reality service for a flat rate of €225.00. Charges are billed for every quarter hour of service started. If you wish to use the data glasses issued by Ideal, you can order and rent them from us for a fee.

What are the advantages of the assisted reality service?

Your staff are quickly and easily able to show the service technician your system and problem live via smartphone, tablet or data glasses. As such, the data glasses function like a live camera. Connected to the Internet, they show what the glasses’ wearer is seeing at that moment. With the image on the computer, the Ideal service technician can get straight to the error analysis. It is also possible to overcome language barriers with the aid of displayed help messages and images. Another advantage is that monitoring the success of the operation is instantaneous.

Is the service available 24/7?

The assisted reality service is generally available during Ideal’s business hours. But also at any other times by agreement.

How does an assisted reality session proceed?

After installing the service app on the smart end device you are using, you will receive your personal access details. You can then launch the programme and establish a connection with the service technician via live video and audio transmission.

How can I use the assisted reality service?

All you need is a mobile phone, a tablet or data glasses as well as a data connection.

Does the service only work with data glasses?

No, the service is feasible with any smart end device. However, the major advantage with the data glasses is that you can retrieve information without holding and operating the end device with your hands – i.e. hands-free.

Can assisted reality be carried out on any Ideal machine?

Assisted reality is suitable for virtually every service and purpose on any Ideal machine.

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